While we have seen evidence of consolidation, it's also clear that each brand continues to maintain its identity by focusing on different design goals. So you could have a movie soundtrack playing in your kitchen, meaning you won’t 
lose track of the plot when you nip out for popcorn. Marantz has also included digital audio inputs, with two optical and another pair of coaxial connections, while its five analogue ins includes a phono pre-amp for those wishing to use the SR5014 with a turntable. The receiver immediately recognised the metadata flag, signposting it as IMAX 
DTS:X on the info screen, thereby triggering a change 
to bass management handling. Marantz's SR6014 is a mouthwatering AV receiver. But as I'll discuss in a bit, the SR6014 uses some clever speaker-configuration juggling to make that difference less of an issue than it might at first seem. THE ALL NEW 9.2-CHANNEL DISCRETE POWER AMPLIFIER – Drive exquisite detailed surround sound with this premium Marantz SR6014 receiver, which supports advanced object-based audio formats & offers high definition video processing with multi-room connectivity AV receivers can be unfashionably challenging to 
install, but Marantz, like its stablemate Denon, offers a comprehensive graphical guide to simplify things. For many years Marantz has created amazing audio products and some of the best AV receivers in the market capable of offering top quality and premium characteristics that put all their models on the top of the list for many home theater fans. REL releases limited edition T/9i RED subwoofer, Sky Q's Netflix app now supports HDR, live sports will follow in 2021, Power up: Q Acoustics debuts first active loudspeakers, BenQ announces new iSeries of Android TV projectors for gamers, sports junkies and film fanatics, Cambridge Audio redesigns affordable SX speaker range for 2020. While it has nine channels of amplification on board the SR7013 actually has 11.2 channels of audio processing and pre-outs for … Can you elaborate on this comment? I wouldn't get a Marantz unless I needed multimchannel analog inputs which almost no one does nowadays. Thanks! This was CUT from the 5000 series and makes a HUGE difference in overall sound quality! There’s also Sub EQ HT, which provides individual 
DSP tailoring of each subwoofer in a dual subwoofer setup, and a live-matching mode to correct the level. What is this receiver missing that others in it's price range offer? Marantz sr5014 vs sr6014 |Unboxing and Overview DREAMEDIA home theaters sent over the Marantz sr6014 and the marantz 5014 to unbox and go over the details. Bigscreen eco-doc Les Saisons (Blu-ray, Dolby Atmos), provides a tremendously immersive listening experience. Style: Receiver Verified Purchase. The Marantz AV receiver also supports Dolby Surround & DTS Neural:X to enhance 2-channel and multichannel decoding formats. This feature has been common on Denon AVRs for a while, but is being migrated across to Marantz. Price: £1,250 Delight in the most musical sound for any source – from home theatre, to vinyl, to digital streaming. Marantz is one of those brands that seems to make a big impression with audiophiles. I have a small collection of vintage receivers (Pioneer and JVC) but whenever I’m scanning the listings for something special, it’s always the Marantz receivers that command the top dollars. The measurements of a higher-end Marantz at audiosciencereview.com suggests that these sexy-looking faceplates have inferior innards. Such a model is … 7.1 phono  Multichannel pre-out: Yes. I read an article somewhere (and no, I can't remember where) that said that the Current Feedback topology was removed from the 5014. This really is the AV receiver upgrade you’ve been waiting for. The app also funnels streaming audio services like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer. My neighbour threw her toms at 
me and fled. The receiver also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, and is Apple AirPlay 2 ready. When enemy flak explodes around the room, the Marantz doesn't struggle, handling the fast, sharp transients brilliantly well. Is this model is good enough for asking price and is it capable of fulfilling the expectations created by earlier Marantz’s models?

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