BDO Caphras Journal: Adventure Log Bookshelf Record Last updated Nov 26, 2020 at 2:31PM | Published on Nov 1, 2020 | Black Desert Online , Character Stats Alustin’s Alchemy Journal: Adventure Log Bookshelf Turn right and you will find a group of tents and in this area you can find an invisible object to interact with to obtain the knowledge. You will want to check the other Topography Entries (go to BDOCodex for help here). You can do this whilst still in Combat Papu form. You need to do the daily crab quest 2 times to complete this part of the adventure journal. As with the Cadry Commander (or any strong mob in the game) try to attack behind her. 10 Chapters in Book of Margahan contain 10 goals you must complete. You can obtain these bars from. level 2 Lee Strebel - £10 As it’s obvious from the name, this Adventure Log will test your Alchemy skills, a welcome addition to the most challenging lifeskill!And similar to the previous log released, Caphras’ Record, it will award you with a lot of Caphras Stones! On the second day, go back to Benns Moanna to obtain the quest again to kill the Mediocre Stonecrab. You will then be taken to another NPC north east of the island. The stat buffs are superior to Deve’s Adventure Log. One option is to grind for the compass pieces at Fogans, Pila Ku jail, or Sulphur Mines. You should do this by playing the Amity game with her, not just waving. It is a pretty easy "quest" for some easy gains. The timed quests are usually not hard to complete and only require a standard horse. It begins on the north side of Papua Crinea island at the wharf manager “Monmunia”. You are trying to make: Couscous, Teff Sandwich, King of Jungle Hamburg, 2x Date Palm Wine and 2x Fig Pie. Book 3 continues from Book 2. Two of them are: Talk to a priest at Oasis of Bless (south of Sandgrain Bazaar, west of Crescents), Talk to a pilgrim at Oasis of Time (south of Arehaza). report. Take the quest from her and she will send you to go talk to Benns Moanna. Go back to Berado to complete and then follow the autopath again to go to the next NPC and chat with him 3 times to complete this page. Go through the cave and head left onto the beach on the west side of the island. If you cannot trigger these and cannot get one from the market or a quest, you need to cook one, The recipe for the Valencia Meal is complicated, and you need to make many of them until you proc the special version. You can get these from Berado and then follow the autopath to the Suspicious Flower to complete. Note that getting the complete Ancient Explorer’s Compass reward does not finish the Chapter 12 task, so you might as well select the Traveler’s Map option. 1 Book of Training – Combat (1D), 1 Book of Training – Skill (1D), 1x 100 failstack. However, in order to make the most efficient use of your time, you should try to obtain the ingredients marked in yellow as you move into their associated areas. If you have not finished this (the categories must be Blue, not just 3/3) then there are some hints for this in the Appendix. To do this quest, you need to have completed the first 10 Chapters. While you have the compass try to access every. Dmitry Slovogorodsky - £5. This BDO Bartali’s Adventure Log Guide gives an in-depth look into Igor Bartali’s level 51+ quest series. Halloween Adventure Logs can be completed once per in-game family and can only be completed during the event period. Question. Then go back to Ticirio to complete this chapter. This is available at the end of the following quest chain (listed backward): The Bartali Adventure Log requires that you have the Valencia Topography knowledge category completed (the categories must be Blue, not just 3/3). Prerequisites: ~12 (re)assignable CP unless you already have Velia and Sand Grain connected. So go out of your current form by pressing [SHIFT] + [R], then use the new green scroll in your inventory. If you have difficulty, you can do it in a party or platoon with stronger players. Pavino Greko’s Collection has a high silver cost to complete (1.5 billion silver), as well as requiring DUO and TRI blue or yellow accessories for the last book. She will then give you another quest and a green scroll which you must use to turn into a Combat Otter. Your black spirit will pop up immediately and give you a new quest which will send you back to Benn Ruberen. This will give you the option of obtaining a completed Ancient Explorer’s Compass or a Traveler’s Map as a reward. 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Open your ESC menu and go to the “Adventure” tab and then select “Adventure Log Bookshelf” to view your available adventure logs.Â, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal: Book 1, Give Honey Wine/Chicken Porridge to Benns Chasey, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal: Book 2, Give the Porong Floral Wreath to the Dream Doctor, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal: Book 3, Meet the Caretaker of the Garden of Birth, Become appointed as aide by Commander Garania, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal: Book 4, Obtain Knowledge of the Queekity Thumpity Moon Village, Find out the secret of the suspicious ritual, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal: Book 5, Pass the Otter Military Academy entrance exam, Caphras’ Record Adventure Log Guide – Books 1 – 4, Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide, Tips to improve your silver per hour when grinding, [The Great Expedition] Papua Crinea: Papuraora, [The Great Expedition] Papua Crinea: Crioniak. Leave Otter form by pressing [SHIFT] + [R] and use the new scroll given to you. Pavino’s Adventure Log contains 4 books that cost over 1.5 billion silver, but reward 600 HP total to all characters in your account. Igor Bartali also had a surprise waiting for me at the end. That worker’s home town is where the potatoes and black stone powder need to be. There is a book case you need to read from. It’s simple to just buy all that you need from the Marketplace, but it’s not cheap. I do Book 1-8 you come and see what you need to do! Michael Figueroa - £10 What could be written inside? Many of these ingredients can be found on the market. Frustratingly, you will need to visit some of these places again after you complete this chapter. Sep 14 Tansie adventure, adventure log, alchemy, alustin, bd foundry, bdfoundry, BDO, black, black desert, black desert foundry, black desert online, caphras, guide, how to, journal, log IntroductionAlustin’s Alchemy Journal is a set of quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log. The detailed recipe breakdowns are shown below: Teff has no use as a raw ingredient, so you can process it all to Teff Wheat without issue. All Rights Reserved. There is no need to fight the mobs: you spawn near a dialogue point where you can exit to Illebab Oasis. Talk to Kiyak to get “Attitude of the Aalans Preparing for Pilgrimage” quest. See Appendix, You will need a book of training in your inventory; trigger it, then press ‘R’ on an unoccupied training dummy near, You will get a Light Brown Camel for completing the quest. This is mostly just bouncing around NPCs in Arehaza, You should save up your energy to win the Amity game with. You can check this via [H] → Topography → Valencia. Bartali’s Adventure Log was added February 8th 2019 in Black Desert Online on the NA server. Agris Fever normally gives a +100% junk item drop rate buff. Requirements. You must first complete the quests under “[The Great Expedition] Papuo Crinea: Crioniak”. Seremela - £14 Here you need to collect one of the fish listed. The most experienced BDO players will have already completed the 4th chapter, as it requires you … Obtain all knowledge in Valencia (Great Desert) category. You can also buy bags of muddy water from the Marketplace. I Terms and Conditions I Privacy Policy I Manage Cookie Settings I About Us, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal is a series of, Now that you have unlocked the adventure log, y, ou can view the chapters and begin to complete the tasks in each one. Press [R] to interact with the Otter and transform into one temporarily. T1Gaming - £30 Similarly, all your scorpion meat can be cooked into Grilled Scorpion and your Lion Meat can be cooked into King of Jungle Hamburg. Regular non-, non-huntable lions were sufficient to complete this quest. - EffectWorker Stamina Recovery +3(Use through the Worker Menu on the World Map)- How to obtain- There is a slight chance of obtaining Cold Draft Beer when making Beer if your cooking level is Skilled 1 or up.- Press RMB to restore your Worker's Stamina. Click the book under “Lamute Gang’s Aventure Journal” to get started. Once you’ve finished all 5 dailies you can then go to Digrio to completely finish book 5. His strongest attack is a kind of bullet move that covers significant distance. This is a buff that you will notice sits in the top left bar next to your Node Investment Benefit, and will provide you with a whooping (and stackable) 150% increase in junk item drop (the points are family-bound of course). The quests do get harder each day and it is recommended that you do them in a party. The rewards for Dorin Morgin’s Adventure Log are nice. If you do not already have one, zoom into a city and purchase a Crop Factory. His Adventure Journal contains 15 Books that have a series of quests. You automatically get access to Agris Fever at level 56, but this adventure log increases its buff. Queek…”. You can easily buy all the required materials from the Central Market, so this guide will focus on helping you craft them yourself! I'm at around 1500 quests, after having played for over a year, and I'd like to get to 4900 for the +2 permanent failstack and the +100 valks. Check your quest log (Suggested tab) if you get confused at any point. If you do not have or are unable to get a Special Valencia Meal from the market or from questing, you will need a lot of ingredients to make them. The final chapter of the Bartali's Adventure log :) Twitch: Donations are Greatly Appreciated! Book 4 of this Adventure Log requires you to hand over enhanced jewelry, which you will not be able to recover. There are a lot of ingredients which you need in the following ratios: While you are doing the Bartali tasks, you will be sent to areas where you can gather many of these ingredients even though doing so is not among the tasks. Black Desert Online – Deve’s Encyclopedia Adventure Log Guide The second longest Adventure Log in BDO, Deve's Encyclopedia is very tricky to do without following an appropriate guide, so we made sure to explain each step thoroughly. At Dreaming Oasis you should pick up the last Oasis knowledge if you do not have it: Talk to Al Hamid in Pilgrim’s Haven to pick up the “Rumbling Sand Dune” quest. This part of the book requires you to have completed all 5 days of the crab kill quests. On the week of August 14, 2019, Pearl Abyss released Chapters 11 to 15 of the Bartali Adventure Log. 6 Books in Deve’s Adventure Log require item collections to show to Deve. There are 3 books in total with 4 chapters in each one. The temporary item drop buffs can get very high at 20%! While you are waiting, you can complete the Palm Forest Boy quest line starting from Yasum in Arehaza. Chapter 14 of the Bartali's Adventure Log :) Twitch: Donations are Greatly Appreciated! Please keep in mind that even after the event ends, Halloween Adventure Logs will still be visible in the Adventure Log UI window. Some of the quests require that you know obscure parts of the game not everyone is familiar with. Now you will be able to speak to the Papu NPCs on the island and unlock the second book. On the second day, go back to Benns Morio to obtain the quest again to kill the Mediocre Stonecrab. Pavino Greko’s Collection was added to the Adventure Log Bookshelf in a patch on July 8, 2020. You will be given a Flower Filled With Determination. Igor Bartali’s BDO Adventure Log is a collection of quests that will earn you extra rewards once you finish them. 30 comments. You will now need to complete the quests in your suggested tab again to proceed with the adventure log. If you are able to buy these last stage ingredients from the market, this will decrease the number of raw ingredients you need. Go back through the cave and you can find the NPC you need to speak to on the east side of the cave. Go past the fountain in the middle onto the other side and through the archway. Mostly use the sequence: Graule, Buta, Ami, Buroma, Yasum, Sankamu, You need Palm timber, but this is easy to gather with an axe in this area. The villa is located west of Shakatu. To make the Special Valencia Meal you need to be a professional level 6 cook and make many Valencia Meals until it procs. MMOs, CCGs, RPGs and many more, Steam-addict & achievement-w***e. This part of the book requires you to have completed all 5 days of the crab kill quests. Don’t go to Alsabi’s Villa; that’s the wrong one. Here you will get another quest from the flower which requires you to chat with the flower 4 times. It is now part of the BDO Adventure Log, which includes Bartali’s Adventure Log and Deve’s Encyclopedia and Herald’s Journal Rulupee’s Travel Log Benefits: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hehehe. For information about the first 10 Chapters refer to our earlier guide. New Adventure Log from Pavino Greco extended in Global Labs - Pay 3,5b for 600HP! Open Fine Accessory Box III to randomly obtain one of the following: Black Distortion Earring, Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Ring, Tungrad Belt, Tungrad Earring. Please refer to the individual item descriptions for more detailed information. Take the quest from him and he will send you to go talk to Benns Morio. Halloween Adventure Logs can be completed once per in-game family. Hurry up and open it! Your otter may die while killing the monsters and you will be transformed back into your normal form. You may need to try multiple different portals before you get Aakman. Bartali's Adventure chapters 5 and 6. Although most of the quests are quite easy, there are a few gotchas. Speak to her again to get the next quest. With this otter you can now hit the monsters by pressing [LMB], [RMB] or [F]. Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone. Once you are done with that you will want to check the Valencia Topography knowledge category ([H] → Topography → Valencia). If you have the gear on hand anyway, it’s well worth the price for permanent stat increases. There are quests in Ancado Harbor and Shakatu for making each of these ingredients. You can then talk to the training dummy in front of you to summon the crab.If you lose the scroll, you can get a new one by speaking to Benns Morio and using your energy.You can attack the crab by pressing [LMB], [RMB] or [F]. Speak to her again and receive the quest she gives called “[Papuraora] The Calling of the Papus”. You should join the fight with these bosses as they come up even if you have not yet reached the relevant chapters since they will drop the key loot regardless and since they spawn on a fixed schedule. Andromeda - £5 As well as have completed Chapters 1+2 of the HP Log for Chapter 3 ofcourse. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or using the contact form on our About Us page. Freshly-brewed draft beer. She will then give you a new green scroll which you must use to turn into a Combat Papu. To unlock the Adventure Log, you must be at least level 58 and then accept and complete the quest “[Papua Crinea] An Amazing Gift just for you” by talking to your black spirit > suggestions tab. Prerequisites: A fishing rod. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done . If you are not done, there are some typical unfilled categories:  Be sure to get the “Rakshan Observatory” node northwest of Valencia. Speak to her and give her either Honey Wine x1, or Five-Grain Chicken Porridge x1, Stand near Benns Ruberen and enter “999” in general chat. If you lose the scroll, you can buy a new one from her for 100k silver.Use the scroll and it will summon a Papu next to you. It might even be of help to your adventure! Deve’s Encyclopedia rewards passive buffs for all characters on your account. © 2020 Black Desert Foundry. Speak to her again to get the next quest. It begins on the south side of Papua Crinea island at the wharf manager “Shalio”. Rulupee’s Travel Log was introduced in a patch on 27th February 2019 on the NA server. ), Butcher gather from snakes in Basilisk area of desert, Near Shakatu or Sand Grain Bazaar: node or hoe gather, Western Valencia city: node or hoe gather, Western Valencia city: node or Shakatu: hoe gather, Butcher Lions between Valencia city and Ancado Harbor, Cooking products, or milking cow mini-game, Potato / Barley / Corn / Wheat from various nodes, Grapes from node near Olvia or Strawberries near Viv.