signal - convoy commanders location - assistant convoy commander designation - security forces commanders action - serial commanders responsibilities - arm and hand signals - other prearranged signals - radio frequencies and call signs 6. safety - hazards of routes - weather conditions - defensive driving 28 Assist the Battalion S3 in all matters concerning training, operations, plans, and force development. Today, Steven is serving as a company convoy commander in Afghanistan. Note. Convoy commander responsibilities: a. The convoy commander will display a white over black, diagonally divided flag. A Convoy Commander without an ACC will most certainly face lapses in PCCs, PCIs, execution planning, and/or convoy briefs. Assume same responsibilities as Convoy Commander. RESPONSIBILITIES. Ensure unit SOP specifically addresses duties and responsibilities of drivers, assistant drivers, and senior occupants. Must have communications between crewmembers and with the convoy commander/assistant convoy commander. 1-45. Mar 2018 – Mar 2018 1 month. Designation of Assistant Convoy Commander: Yes / No Serial Commander’s Responsibilities: Yes / No Hand and Arm Signals: Yes / No Other Prearranged Signals: Yes / No Location of Vehicles with Communications: Yes / No Radio Frequencies and Callsigns for Control Personnel: Yes / No Security Force Commander… Must have 360-degree are of visibility and firing. Supervise the command training program and identify and coordinate training requirements and allocate training resources. hazards of routes. Responsibilities fall into two categories: command and individual. In charge of a mobile unit that maneuvers throughout areas of operation, he juggles a variety of responsibilities: clearing roads to make sure they’re safe for local and military travel, moving equipment or personnel from one location to another, … other prearranged signals. Took on assistant convoy commander responsibilities on several transportation missions across Iraq. Always assign Assistant Convoy Commanders (ACC). In addition, a commander is identified for each serial or march unit. Convoy commander responsibilities: a. Although aware of this new-found responsibility, I created a habit of remaining quiet in training meetings for two reasons: (1) lack of confidence in the face of extremely competent contemporaries (2) lack of self-control. SPC Doe performed the duties of an Assistant Mission Commander (AMC) and was directly responsible for all aspects of the pre-execution phase of detachment's missions. This section describes the duties and responsibilities of personnel and habitual attachments in the Infantry rifle platoon and squad. Field Manual-Interim (FMI) 4-90.1, Heavy Brigade Combat Team Logistics, defines the responsibilities of the maintenance control officer, as follows: "The maintenance control officer (MCO) is the principal assistant to the commander, both battalion and FSC, on all matters pertaining to the field maintenance mission. ... 10004 Convoy Commander Responsibilities 10-4 APPENDIX A Pertinent Directives Checklist ... G Motor Vehicle Inspection sheet H Operation Order Format for Motor Transport Movement/Convoys I Convoy Commander’s Checklist J Convoy Commander… Assistant Task Force Training NCO: Assistant Training NCOIC for a forward deployed task force assigned to the _____; responsible for development, coordination and execution of in-service Afghanistan Police sustainment instruction and train-the-trainer program; accountable for the organization and supervision of a ___ man … For example, a company commander is responsible for all the tasks and missions assigned to the company; … ... Have assigned assistant drivers. security forces commander’s action. Has each convoy with oversize or overweight vehicles been identified, and are vehicles equipped with RAWLs? defensive driving. … 4. What are some roles and responsibilities in a convoy operation-Driver-Gunner-Medics-Aid and Litter -Landing Zone-EPW team-Recovery team. 5. 1. Ensure unit SOP specifically addresses duties and responsibilities of drivers, assistant drivers, and senior occupants. Have all vehicles been checked to ensure they are in working order before movement? of command to the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4. Road captain can refer to both the leader and the sweepers who, among their other duties, check that other riders are safe. assistant convoy commander designation. Ensure battalion-level driver training is IAW AR 600-55. UNIT COMMANDERS ; Ensure risk management is applied to convoy operations. FGT- Front gun … Claybon Turner, assistant convoy commander on the mission and veteran of the 155th HBCT's 2005 deployment to Iraq.

assistant convoy commander responsibilities

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