In this review, we’ll help you determine whether this pre-workout is worth trying out by providing our honest opinion; this will include a detailed analysis of C4 Ultimate Shred’s ingredients, safety, and effectiveness in this review. Book A Class. From now on, every ingredient that we mention is included in the ‘C4 Ultimate Shred and Thermogenic Matrix’ proprietary blend. But we’ll repeat that this is simply our preference, so don’t get mad if you’re a fan of Beta-Alanine. Gives great energy quickly. Without a pre-work out I would struggle so hard to do a work out and it would suck. So while these 2 ingredients aren’t going to ‘make or break’ C4 Ultimate Shred, they are good ‘bonus’ features here. So you might be thinking to yourself, ‘why not just take L-Arginine directly?’. Never disappointed! And C4 Ultimate Power is the latest addition that’s stormed the market. When it comes to burning fat, leaning out, and getting more from every workout, C4 Ultimate® Shred is that tool. C4 Ultimate® Shred’s cutting-edge blend of Capsimax® Cayenne, Oligonol®, clinically studied DygloFit™, and Bioperine® will help you achieve extreme definition. Then I felt really sick and started vomiting. Now, it is believed that Betaine Anhydrous improves protein synthesis and also enhances fat loss – sounds pretty good right? However, that doesn’t mean that Cellucor hasn’t dosed the ingredients in their pre-workout, C4 Ultimate Shred, correctly. View Product. 2 star. The formula is completely transparent, with no proprietary blends or hidden ingredient amounts. Well, the bad news is that Betaine Anhydrous hasn’t really proven itself. What C4 Ultimate is and what it does. But in terms of effectiveness, we don’t believe that this makes a difference, in our honest opinion. Celucor C4 Extreme pre workout has some of the coolest packaging on the market. This site aims to deliver expertize through personal experience to help people reach their fitness goals…without wasting cash on useless supplements. We do know many lifters that don’t mind this side effect; as you can see, it really is up to individual preference, so we’re not going to make a general analysis of Beta-Alanine here. We have male and female fitness instructors that offer a variety of different skills from cardio enthusiasts to boxers and power lifters we really do have it all. Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss: Does It Really Work? In fact, this has got to be one of the better ones that we’ve seen released recently. C4 Ultimate On The Go RTD Ready to drink pre-workout for energy, pumps endurance & focus* 300mg Caffeine with CarnoSyn®, Citrulline Malate & Zembrin® in every serving, no mixing or shaking needed 9.9 out of 10 (19 Reviews) Cellucor C4 is $8.33 less expensive than an average pre-workout supplement ($29.99). C4 Ultimate Shred By Cellucor - Pre Workout. C4 Ultimate Review – Product Overview. It’s a lot better than most supplements that we see floating around these days. The only questions we’ll ask is this; whether this ingredient is necessary here, and whether C4 Ultimate Shred could have been cheaper without this being included; C4 Ultimate Shred already contains Citrulline Malate (which is proven to enhance muscle pumps) and Caffeine Anhydrous (which everyone knows raises your energy levels). C4 Ultimate is introduced by Cellucor. By the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of how safe and effective this pre-workout supplement really is. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. of water 20-30 minutes before training. Our scores will help you to select C4 Ultimate Pre Workout Review as per your demand. LeanBulking was founded by professionals with experience of working in the supplements industry. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Pre Workout Powder at This product gives a great pump and focus during my workout, it lasts for a little less than an hour before you start to notice it not being as effected. We review, you decide. It makes complete business sense. C4 Ultimate is a new product that hit the market in December 2016. Lets find out "Best C4 Ultimate Pre Workout ": No Product Score Action; 1: C4 Ultimate Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Sugar Free Preworkout … When my friends told me that I would feel a tingling sensation I was a little skeptical to start using it. Feb 11, 2019 - Detailed Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Review with facts about premium ingredients, side effects, results & more. Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2020. Just wish price point was a little friendlier. Every serving of C4 Ultimate Shred contains the ultimate cutting formula and shred matrix. Good thing was the seal inside was still intact so there was no loss of product or degradation of quality. Whatever they put in their products WORKS! There are other positives that you’ll find out shortly afterward in this section, but there are also some negatives too. It’s packed with 300mg of Caffeine as well as plenty of Amino Acids such as Creatine and Beta-Alanine. Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2020. 4 star. Back when there weren’t as many options as there is now, the original C4 was the ‘go to’ pre-workout available. We’ve already mentioned that we love Citrulline Malate. This results in enhanced blood flow, which helps your body push more blood and oxygen into your muscles as you pump iron (that’s the short, not-as-boring version without getting too into ‘science’ anyway). Absolutely love this flavor. However, it's fairly safe to say that Redcon1 Total War is a more popular pre-workout supplement, based on its 700+ reviews. This is a high energy, sugar-free version of the C4 original by Cellucor, possibly the best known pre workout brand worldwide. They’ve released numerous products in this series including C4 Ultimate Shred. If you’re into fitness and bodybuilding, then you’ll definitely know about Cellucor. C4 Ultimate Review. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Related products. However, it could have done away with one or two ingredients (especially the ones that cause … Cellucor never lets me down in all the years I've been using it. What ever your preference and fitness goals we're sure we have one that's right for you! The good news is that Inositol Stabilized Arginine Silicate is proven to work in numerous studies; it’s shown to enhance energy levels and muscle pumps during a workout at 1.5g dosages. Meet The PT. In fact, this has got to be one of the better ones that we’ve seen released recently. Cellucor has done well by adding the optimal 1.5g dosage in C4 Ultimate Shred here, so we have no problem with this here. Definitely worth the money. We usually prefer non-patented forms of nutrients because they cost companies less to add, therefore allowing them to offer supplements at a lower price. Let’s be honest, no-one wants to smell fishy in the gym, and we know females that would especially stay away from this side effect. You’re here to learn more about Cellucor’s C4 Ultimate Shred, so let’s stop wasting time and see which ingredients have been added in the section below…. This company has me for life! You can see one of the failed studies titled ‘Creatine but not Betaine supplementation increases muscle phosphorylcreatine content and strength performance’ here: – the title pretty much says it all, that Creatine works and Betaine Anhydrous is unreliable. Gained weight due to quarantine and bought this again to help lose weight. Contains an optimal dosage of Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine can enhance muscular endurance, Beta-Alanine is also known for causing itchy & tingly skin, 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous dosage would put us at risk from jittery side effects, Contains numerous stimulants in a proprietary blend, increasing risks of side effects, Betaine is known for causing fishy odors in your breath & sweat, Missing key pre-workout nutrients (eg. 300mg of caffeine, 6g Citrulline Malate & 3.2g of CarnoSyn® in every serving for ultimate pumps, focus & shred. But the bad news is that Cellucor has added a HUGE 300mg dosage in C4 Ultimate Shred; this would put us at risk from jitters, as we try not to consume dosages of Caffeine Anhydrous higher than 200mg at once. Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Pre Workout Powder, Fat Burner for Men & Women, weight Loss Supplement With Ginger Root Extract, Midnight Cherry, 20 Servings: Health & Personal Care This blend is powered by clinically-studied ingredients which have been specifically selected for their ability to support fat burning and metabolism – enhancing the results of your fat-shredding workouts. And if you don’t believe us, then you can check out one of the many studies that prove it here: C4 Ultimate Shred Review Conclusion It’s clear to see that C4 Ultimate Shred is another very respectable addition to Cellucor’s C4 series of pre-workout supplements. This means that you’re not shown the dosages of nutrients in this blend unless Cellucor has specifically chosen to show you. Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred is, for the most part, a safe and effective pre-workout supplement. AND it can cause a side effect: fishy odors in your breath and sweat. But first, we’ll tell you more about the company behind it (for those new to the supplements game). The same company which introduced the C4 pre-workout supplement. In fact, the Capsimax® content in C4 Ultimate® Shred has been shown to increase resting energy expenditure to … 0%. C4 ultimate is one of those supplements which body builders consume to see good results from their building building effort. This blend is powered by clinically-studied ingredients which have been specifically selected for their ability to support fat burning and metabolism - enhancing the results of your fat-shredding workouts.*. Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019. Well, Citrulline converts into L-Arginine once in your kidneys, which increases your nitric oxide levels. Creatine Monohydrate), Nausea (Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract & Huperzine A), Abdominal Cramping (Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract & Huperzine A). Out of stock. Check below for Best C4 Ultimate Pre Workout . Cellucor has clearly completed their research here, as they’ve added the optimal 6,000mg amount in C4 Ultimate Shred. Learn how your comment data is processed. So now you have our honest opinion on proprietary blends being used in supplements. To keep myself from having the runs, I took Pepto. In case you’re wondering, this is a patented form of Inositol Stabilized Arginine Silicate. UNVEIL YOUR ULTIMATE Whether you’re carving a block of marble or chiseling your own physique, you need the right tool to make a masterpiece. Pre-workout N.O XPLODE 30 SERV. I only use about 2/3 of a scoop and it is perfect for my workouts. The powder is available in a variety of flavors, including: But we’re not here to talk about other supplements. The only ingredient’s dosage that Cellucor has shown you here is Caffeine Anhydrous. in fact I tried a different one after I was done with this container and I absolutely hated it and immediately re-ordered this one. Male and Female instructors. The next day I can't poop at all and I'm in agony. 3 star. While this is still a popular product on the market, Cellucor has since released numerous different versions of C4, which have been a mixed bag in our honest opinion. Cellucor C4 Packaging Review. CEO, Joseph Mencel, and Warehouse Manager, Boss Josh, give you a pREVIEW of Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement! Jan 16, 2020 - In this C4 Ultimate Shred Review, Shred Contains All the Powerful Ingredients as the C4 Orginal and C4 Ultimate, Except That It Has Fat Burning Effects. Pre workout supplements are known to provide the best weight loss results, but C4 Ultimate Shred takes this to another level. One thing we will say is that Creatine Monohydrate offers the same benefits as Beta-Alanine without causing side effects, though. However, there are a few ingredients that let this product down, in our honest opinion. Well, this C4 Ultimate review will give you a clear answer. Predator Nutrition C4 Ultimate Shred Review . This is hands down the BEST product and company!!! And this risk is increased due to Theacrine, Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract, and Huperzine A being included in a proprietary blend. We are disappointed that Cellucor has included a proprietary blend in C4 Ultimate Shred, as we’ve seen other companies cut-them-out of their products recently. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2019. Fat Burner USN Phedracut Slimpacks (20 sachet) Rated 0 out of 5. Reviews (0) Description. This C4 Ultimate pre workout review goes into detail about this intense, athlete grade energy combination. Anyway, we’ll expand on this in the next section. 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2020. It’s clear to see that C4 Ultimate Shred is another very respectable addition to Cellucor’s C4 series of pre-workout supplements. We’ll analyze the ingredients in C4 Ultimate Power in this review. It certainly sounds like a tasty product, as it comes in 20 serving containers for $49.99, in 2 flavor options – Gummy Candy, and Strawberry Watermelon. Reviews (54) Verified Buyers (53) Review Graph. It gives me the energy I need on those days where I’m not motivated. Overall Rating. There are no reviews yet. Get the ultimate workout in while supporting fat loss when you use C4 Ultimate Shred from Cellucor. It provides a formula that combines ingredients to boost energy, endurance, focus, and pumps. Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred. How does it work? Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation, which is attributable to beta alanine. This health supplement is a darling to many athletes from those in the beginners’ level to experts. I swear in the supplement industry, packaging is everything! What’s more, it can be found practically anywhere, in any of its presentations, including Cellucor C4 Ultimate, GNC Cellucor C4, and more. Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019. For this reason, we personally prefer Creatine Monohydrate over Betaine Anhydrous. So you can see that C4 Ultimate Shred’s price tag makes it compete with the premium options on the market. Well, we mean that Taurine and Black Pepper Extract are not key ingredients in any supplement. So it’ll be interesting to see how much of an improvement this C4 Ultimate Shred is to Cellucor’s line-up. Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred is a popular option at the top of the price range. But they are certainly useful; Taurine can help reduce cramping during exercise, and Black Pepper Extract can enhance the absorption rate of other nutrients that it’s consumed with. Does it work for weight loss? Well, there have been many studies that show that Betaine Anhydrous has no effect on protein synthesis or fat loss. C4 Ultimate Shred Review Results and Expected Effects. With a revolutionary fat-loss formula built on top of the world’s most explosive energy core, it’s a fat-burning pre-workout unlike anything on the market. This is good, as we always want to know exactly how much Caffeine we’re consuming, to try and avoid jitters and energy crashes. While there are positives to C4 Ultimate Shred, the negatives let this product down – especially when Cellucor are asking for the premium $44.99 price-tag. Every serving of C4 Ultimate® Shred contains the Ultimate cutting formula and SHRED matrix. It’s about $38 for 30 servings, or $1.26 per serving. You can’t really argue with this, and Citrulline Malate is one of the key ingredients that we look out for in pre-workouts. What do we mean by this? Meet The Instructors. 0%. Also, we will mention that Beta-Alanine can cause paresthesia (itchy and tingly skin). Ultimate Shred offer a variety of fitness classes. Directions For C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout: Take one serving (1 scoop) of C4® Ultimate, mixed with 10-12 fl. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Unveil Your Ultimate: Whether you’re carving a block of marble or chiseling your own physique, you need the right tool to make a masterpiece. 1 star. One of the negatives being that Cellucor contains a proprietary blend (we’ll explain more in the red box just below): Why is this bad? They offer the Shred upgrade which switches out things like creatine nitrate and packs in ingredients like Capismax Cayenne, Gingerever, etc… that are designed to amp up fat burning and ramp up workouts at the same time. By: Cellucor. 5 star. At the time of writing, C4 Ultimate had an average rating of 9.5 out of 10 on with a total of 86 reviews. RM 90.00 Select options. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2019. Reviews. However, it’s not all bad news. While Caffeine Anhydrous can be a key addition to pre-workouts, Cellucor has chosen to add a massive 300mg dosage; this would put us, personally, at risk of jitters and energy crashes. We have mixed opinions about this, as we prefer supplements to contain fewer nutrients in better dosages. That’s more expensive than regular C4 which is closer to $28 to $30 for the same amount of product. 9%. Hopefully I dont die or anything but still kicking and able to workout longer! No adverse effects on my gut or butt. Like that it has the intended effect, taste not to bad! Most of its ingredients work and are adequately dosed. Thought I'd write a review before taking myself to the ER. Well, in our opinion, it’s because it’s too good to be true. We’ve grouped these 2 ingredients together because we believe that they are the ‘bonus’ additions to C4 Ultimate Shred. Just take an optimal dosage of Citrulline Malate before your workout and you’ll see why; you’re muscles will look and feel bigger, and the pump even helps reduce muscle fatigue & damage too. Why? Here are the best natural pre-workouts on the market for: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, some of the issues that we have with this pre-workout are that it contains an overload of stimulants (which put some people at risk of jittery side effects, in our honest opinion). Anyway, we’re not here just to focus on the negatives. I literally will start sweating walking to my freaking mailbox! C4 comes in a chrome tub that you can practically see yourself in- such is the mirror-like effect of the finish. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The price is a little bit much for how much people will use it, but it is worth the money. I've used c4 for years and this is their best yet. The Perfect Tool to Help You Unveil Your Ultimate Physique! In case you’re wondering, this itchy side effect is officially known as ‘paresthesia’. It's in the top 3 bestselling pre-workout supplements and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Das Labs Bucked Up or Insane Labz Psychotic Hellboy. Time will tell. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for C4 Ultimate Shred Pre Workout Powder, Fat Burner for Men & Women, Weight Loss Supplement with Ginger Root Extract, Strawberry Watermelon, 20 Servings at Even whenever mixed with water, the flavor is very good but you could still taste the powder a little bit because of how thick it is. There weren’t any plastic pieces in the box, so that means Amazon packed it broken. This product has really helped me be more consistent in working out. So we would always prefer companies to add Creatine Monohydrate into their pre-workouts rather than Beta-Alanine. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water or performance beverage to stay hydrated. Company Behind C4 Ultimate. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. C4 Ultimate Shred’s Ingredients Explained,, In fact, we’re very happy to see that Cellucor has included an optimal 6,000mg dosage of Citrulline Malate, which we believe is essential for delivering enhanced muscle pumps in the gym – to help inflate your guns while you bicep curl! The effectiveness of the product is all due to the high-quality, natural, and highly active ingredients, which we can find Theacrine, Beta-Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, and Arginine AAKG, plus other vitamins and minerals for a superb performance-oriented result. Tub came with cracked lid with pieces missing. Even from first glance, you can see that C4 Ultimate Shred contains tons of ingredients. oz. You know what? For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends. RM 140.00 Select options. Cellucor has made it their mandate to create pre-workout supplements. When it comes to burning fat, leaning out, and getting more from every workout, C4 Ultimate® Shred is that tool. C4 Ultimate Shred: The perfect tool to help you unveil your ultimate physique. There is a lot to like about C4 Ultimate Shred; this includes the optimal dosages of Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, and Inositol Stabilized Arginine Silicate – all of which have shown to benefit your workout. Ultimately, we cut out the bullsh*t in the industry and provide you with honest advice that we follow ourselves. In fact, the only really beneficial and necessary ingredient that we can see in this proprietary blend is L-Tyrosine; L-Tyrosine is known for being a ‘brain booster’ that boosts your focus, which can strengthen your mind-muscle connection. The supplement is free from carbohydrates. 0%. Not only that, Cellucor became extremely well-known for their original C4 pre-workout. When it comes to burning fat, leaning out, and getting more from every workout, C4 Ultimate Shred is that tool. So it’s almost no surprise to see that Cellucor is adding to their line. This is probably the best Shred Pre-workout I have used. Every serving of C4 Ultimate® Shred - Strawberry Watermelon contains the Ultimate cutting formula and SHRED matrix. Cellucor C4 Ripped Price. It’s not that bad! We will see at the end of the article whether C4 Ultimate is worth buying or not. My brother recommended to me and he seems to be benefitting, gonna give this a real try. I took this a few years ago for my weight loss journey and went down 45lbs! Be the first to review “Celllucor C4 Ultimate Shred 20serv” Cancel reply. We have found some good quality C4 Ultimate Pre Workout Review based on 39832 number of feedback. We’re happy that Cellucor has added an optimal dosage of Citrulline Malate, which is definitely a highlight of this pre-workout supplement. This C4 Ultimate Shred review is for their best fat burning, thermogenic pre workout. I really like this pre-workout. I will update after using the product. From first impressions though, C4 Ultimate Shred looks like a good product. If there’s one nutrient that divides the crowd, then it’s Beta-Alanine; this is because Beta-Alanine has shown to enhance your muscular endurance, but also cause itchy & tingly skin too. You must be logged in to post a review. C4 Ultimate Shred is another addition to the well-known C4 series of pre-workouts by Cellucor. The caffeine in C4® Ultimate Shred comes from the new C4® Smart Energy Matrix, which includes instant, delayed, and extended-release caffeine for six hours of crash-free energy. Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred Reviews. So we’ll take you through each ingredient in C4 Ultimate Shred. Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred is a pre-workout powder designed to help men and women achieve that boost of energy needed to hit the workout full steam. Well, we believe that this increases your risk of side effects such as jitters, and also makes it uncertain whether this pre-workout will work. Also, we wish that Cellucor didn’t add the proprietary blend in C4 Ultimate Shred either; we always prefer knowing the exact dosages of each ingredient that we put into our body. But the tingling is not bad at all and once I start working out I don’t feel it at all. So Cellucor C4 Ultimate, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $29 Redcon1 Total War, as seen on the chart below. Get lean, pumped, and strong at the same time. I felt like the cat on Youtube that ate an Adderall pill. Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2019. Great product, great company! Now, Citrulline Malate certainly works, but studies have shown that it only works when it’s consumed in dosages of 6,000mg or above. We just mentioned that Beta-Alanine is effective but causes a side effect. They’re one of the ‘big boys’ of the industry, and for good reason – they’ve been around for a while and sponsored some big names in the industry; their list of sponsored athlete has included Calum Von Moger and Jen Jewell in the past. Top Rated Flavors. Well, there’s a reason for that; L-Arginine has a poor absorption rate when orally consumed, while Citrulline doesn’t have any issues with this. Gives me a slight tingle but also helps me to push harder in my workouts. So overall, we’re not really fans of the addition of the proprietary blend in C4 Ultimate Shred. Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2019. So great job by Cellucor here. Rated 0 out of 5. In other words, it’s the super-charge your shred has been looking for. The supplement is earning excellent reviews online from bodybuilding blogs and on review aggregators like’s store. We found paresthesia quite distracting at first, but after testing numerous pre-workouts containing Beta-Alanine, you get used to the sensation. That about does it for our C4 Ultimate Shred Review, and yeah. For this reason, we don’t believe that C4 Ultimate Shred can compete with the highest rated pre-workouts available right now. 91%. This is the C4 Ultimate preworkout with its enhanced energy blend and ergogenic goodies, but with a twist.

c4 ultimate shred review

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