You can then pick the pods and save the seeds within. Lupins are self-seeders so this is essentially mimicking their natural cycle and they normally do quite well when grown like this. Lupines will readily self-seed in the garden, but the volunteers of hybrid plants do not come true from hybrid plants. If you wait too long, though, the pods will explode and release the seeds themselves. Lupines will also self-seed once they become established. Lupine thrive in cool, moist environments with full sun. Self-seeding plants are nature’s gift to gardeners – if they’re happy in your garden they will provide you with free plants, in flower beds, between slabs of paving and in the crooks of walls.Sometimes these unexpected guests can really make your borders sing – self-sown plant associations can surpass whatever you’d carefully planned. Lupine (lupinus) is a perennial flowering plant and a member of the pea family. These fast-growing summer bloomers come in a variety of colors and shapes, although most of the more familiar lupine bloom on tall spikes. Lupines can also be propagated by carefully taking basal cuttings from established plants in early spring. You then have two choices lave them on the plant and let them self seed, You'll need to be careful when weeding the next year; or remove the seed pods and the seeds inside them and sow in seed pans and put outside to get on and grow. If you wish to save the seeds to sow at another time, wait for the green seed pods to turn brown and dry out. 6) Lupines will self-seed, and you can divide them in the spring, but not in the fall. Depending on your climate, fall and winter can be a great time to sow lupine seeds. While each lupine species will be a bit different, in general it’s best to grow lupines directly from seed. If you are wanting to grow more lupins from the seed you need to wait until the pods and brown and look as if they are about to split open. Lupines self-seed and can be found in surprising locations in the garden. Plant out When the seedlings have begun to establish themselves you can start to think about planting them out. Use a sharp knife to sever a segment of crown and roots from the parent plant, and transplant it into a new location. As the flowers fade, the pods will dry and burst open if not removed. Plus, you can easily save seeds from lupines you grow or find growing in the wild!

do lupins self seed

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