Formafantasma 14. Her work is preceded by careful research. Dutch Designers Outlet. Tineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink Tineke Beunders as Nathan Wierink both graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2008. But there are a few exceptions, most notably those mentioned below: Scotch and Soda. A major manufacturer of cooking and kitchen accessories. He graduated in 1992 from the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam in the field of 'industrial design'. All products are made by hand, making each item unique. "Het is een uitdaging om vilten tassen, sjaals en sieraden te ontwerpen, die door hun eenvoud schoonheid weergeven en bovendien functioneel zijn.". Je bezoekt onze website buiten Nederland, dat is geen probleem hoor want wij verzenden bestellingen wereldwijd! Pepe houdt zich vooral bezig met handgeschreven en handgemaakte ontwerpen. The name under which Amsterdam design duo Diederik Dam and Timo Keultjes work together. They offer a surprising range of 3D-printed products such as jewelry and home accessories. The work of Merel Bekking is highly idiosyncratic and above all else, conceptual. The renowned design foundation Droog is a national and international leader in luxury Dutch design. This design duo loves to leave its mark on all kinds of designs. Maarten Baptist plays with the way objects in our environment are often self-explanatory. Tijdens een reis naar Nieuw Zeeland liet hij zich door zijn vriend en kunstenaar Phil Walters inspireren om vogelsilhouetten te maken uit cortenstaal. As a designer, he plays with recognition, function and aesthetics of the design. Tim Várdy studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Souvenirs van niveau. This passion is something the family wishes to share. For instance, in 2015, they released a spring/summer collection called Van Gogh Girls that centred around extravagant floral dresses and straw hats which were inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s still-life painting of flowers. First the Dom Tower candle, conceived and designed by Ruud Snel, followed by the Brandaris and the Amsterdammertje by Mandy and Manon Snel. Shirley Agudo was born in the US and has been living in the Netherlands for many years. Together with her husband Denis, she started her own design studio Mayves. Slim Ben Ameur was born in Tunisia, but has lived and worked in the Netherlands for many years. "My designs express simplicity and creativity with a surprising twist". It is a brand of the Amsterdam company Van Mokum, which designs and develops beautiful and unique products from their studio in Amsterdam. Innovative home accessories for a comfortable living and working environment. An excellent reason for Plint to introduce a larger audience to poetry and visual arts, making their days all the more fun. That's why the clocks by LEFF Amsterdam focus more on telling a story than telling the time. From quality coat racks to intelligent side tables, designed for Cascando by international designers. Going back to basics is one of his goals. Silhouet is created and developed by Jeroen Oeloff, over a period of time, finding its start in 2012 – 2013. / Dutch Design Brand. Looking for fun gadgets for your home that are always on-trend? Form follows function! Dutch Designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) founded his studio in Amsterdam directly after his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. This passion for ceramics is reflected in the most beautiful figurines, vases, plates and bowls. That this results in appealing and timeless designs, is demonstrated by the many design classics of his making! Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der … Paul Linse 23. Storage Box Green Leaves Dutch Design Brand € 15,00. These scarves with city patterns are the result! Sofie and Saskia have developed a perfect partnership. Under the name Officeoriginair they operate as a design duo on various assignments in the fields of product and interior design. A Beautiful Story jewelry is a unique jewelry that makes the world a little nicer. In her Studio in Arnhem Daniëlle Verbeeten designs and manufactures origami lamps. After a bleak life, Van Gogh died in 1890 and left behind a large number of artworks; more than 850 paintings and nearly 1,300 works on paper. De spreekwoordelijke 'extra mijl' is een integraal onderdeel van hun werk. They have designed a diverse range of products. He creates innovative products with a new meaning. One day both were looking for creative gifts for their foreign relations. Combining traditional Dutch Design principles with innovative techniques and practices, these ten designers and studios showcase the best of contemporary design in the Netherlands. De doos is gemaakt van duurzaam karton en wordt geproduceerd in Nederland.

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