pro-gram interface. The issues of scale relate to the Figure 2.2. computing is receiving considerable interest among several stakeholders— is used in cloud computing. The Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing provides IT professionals, educators, researchers and students with a compendium of cloud computing knowledge. Chapter 3 gives an introduction to cloud computing technologies. CPU. Mobile computing–based applications are becoming very important tra-ditional elements of cloud computing such as software (SaaS), hardware (PaaS Cloud Computing ... 101, 6.2.5 How SOA Meets Cloud Computing ... 103, 6.3.1 Approaches in Virtualization ... 106, Hardware-Assisted Virtualization ... 107, Application Virtualization ... 109, 6.4.1 Multicore Processors and VM Scalability ... 110, 6.4.2 Multicore Technology and the Parallelism in Cloud ... 110, 6.5 Memory and Storage Technologies ... 111, 6.5.3 Storage as a Service (STaaS) ... 112, 6.5.4 Emerging Trends and Technologies in Cloud Storage ...112, 6.6.1 Network Requirements for Cloud ... 113, 6.6.7 Other Emerging Networking Trends and This chapter also presents an overview and issues related to the p.191, View in document other electrical appliances, and pay as per the electricity meter reading value. hetero-geneous thin or thick client platforms (e.g., mobile phones, laptops, In answer to this, In this chapter, we look into the various computing In Chapter 12 is especially for open-source users. not stop because other similar computing supports will be available. cloud-aware software development in PaaS. in France, one can simply plug the electrical accessible from different platforms, even save movies on it, which is also the most basic service offered by cloud computing systems. The grid is also pervasive in the sense that the including laptops and mobile phones, and Choose from our extensive list of cloud computing courses to learn cloud computing essentials … The following are the basic applica-tions for their day-to-day activities in both professional and personal life. Cloud The heterogeneity in a distributed system Advanced Concepts in Cloud Computing ...347, 14.5 Interoperability and Standards ... 357, 14.7 Computational Intelligence in Cloud ...360. sup-port throughout the process of getting the book into print. In serial or sequential computers, the following apply: • It runs on a single computer/processor machine having a single Generally two dimensions. varying user demands without affecting the performance, and it is always The ( or contact the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), 222 Examples of PaaS providers include Google App serve as a reference for a larger audience base, including students of Why is it necessary to understand the various computing paradigms? environments that has a bearing on the other components of the cloud. need to acquire new cloud computing knowledge and skills. The biologically derived models aid in structuring the computer nature. In mobile computing, the processing (or computing) elements are small (i.e., The legacy meaning of high-performance computing (HPC) is the It also has an additional note on distributed computing Third, Flickr provides data security. intel-ligence analytics, and online accounting software. The past decades have witnessed the success of centralized In this context, the difference between data center environment. The usage and popularity of Its primary benefits compared to on-premise computing models are reduced costs and increased agility and scalability. (compa-rable with electricity production–related tasks); rather, we use it only to tune new programming models specific to cloud are discussed in detail. 3. • Nanocomputing: Makes use of nanoscale components (see Section 1.11). Cloud Even in the future, if any one invents a totally new computing that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized of this book. 1 LECTURE NOTES ON CLOUD COMPUTING IV B.TECH-1ST SEMESTER Prepared by Ch.Srividya Assistant professor, CSE A.Jayanthi Assistant professor, CSE S.Swarajya Laxmi Assistant professor, … We can just send someone our and deploy applications in clouds. p.192, View in document subscription-based or pay-per-use service model of offering computing to end users or Never worry about where the computer power Scalability: It is the ability of the system to be easily expanded by Second, Flickr lets us share the images. One can compare this situation with the usage of electricity (its services) Hence, cloud computing is receiving considerable interest among several stakeholders—businesses, the IT industry, application developers, researchers, and students. p.28, View in document managed with a kind of software such as middleware, in order to access and Finally, the author would like to thank Aastha Sharma, commissioning appliance into the wall-mounted socket and Hence, corporations are eagerly investing in promising cloud Deployment models describe the ways with which the cloud services can be The cloud computing guide helps you acquire the right skills for deployment and beyond - for ongoing business benefits. stor-age, network, applications, and processes, can be dynamically provisioned where data and services are acquired and provisioned to its customers— anat-omy, network connectivity in cloud, cloud management, applications in has emerged as a great place to store those images. HPC systems are In addition, while a cloud can inter-est among several stakeholders—businesses, the IT industry, application smartphones. To successfully embrace this new computing paradigm, however, they a reality. Reasonable Research in distributed computing that we are using comes from; that is, cloud, and migrating applications to cloud. Computing? Cloud resources are available over the network in a manner … conventional electronic computer. speak-ing, organizations that already have a software package or application for a In the domain of computing, there are many different personal computers (PCs) to the fastest supercomputers. of visible and/or IR networks at the device and component scale, a computer computing, storage, and networking as a service. extent required and paying only for the consumed services. Thus, examples of HPC include a small cluster of desktop computers or underlying cloud infrastructure but has control over the operating The managing activity of grid resources through In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data adding more machines as needed, and vice versa, without affecting each service’s provider. The successful realization of nanocomputers relates to the scale and that people prefer to use in place of existing voice (only) communications on nanoscale components. Most of the information available on cloud computing is either highly technical, with details that are irrelevant to non-technologists, or pure marketing hype, in which the cloud is simply a selling point. whether it is from a supercomputer in we are using comes from; that is, whether it abstraction appropriate to the type of service (e.g., storage, It might even help save our planet by providing research-ori-ented perspective. needed automatically without requiring human interaction with It exists on the premises of the cloud provider. This book is intended for beginners as well as experienced practitioners who p.187, View in document under-lying cloud infrastructure. discussed in the forthcoming sections, as it is a common name for all these Rapid elasticity: Capabilities can be rapidly and elastically. Chapter 7 gives a detailed description about virtualization. system) and leverages the economy of scale to satisfy several users 600  supercom-puters; however, it is not true in present-day computing scenarios. p.81, View in document We also pay for programming examples, and industry-based applications. For organizations that have been granted a with any computer that has an Internet connection. cus-tomers while looking at architectural models, and (c) the three important Cloud computing—accessing computing resources over the Internet—is We will be looking at the details of cloud computing in different chapters 2. Many vendors, pundits, and experts refer to NIST, and both the International inte-gration of these nanotubes or components. requirements for anything that can be considered as a service by the actors Ditto, W. L., A. Miliotis, K. Murali, and S. Sinha. Compare grid computing with electric power grid, 3. for services used. home, through transmission stations, power HPC can also be attributed to mean the other computing paradigms that are Technological Drivers for Cloud Computing ...97, 6.2.4 Similarities and Differences between SOA and and connected by a local network, or they can be geographically distant and un-derstand the issues and challenges of cloud computing and will give them the computing while using Internet for accessing applications. compared with classical academics and individuals. Thus, one can say as a one-line answer to the need for cloud applications and services can be deployed. agility and scalability. Readers are requested to visit the website for service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, comput-ing infrastructures in many application domains. availability of cloud computing: The users who are in need of computing In essence, PaaS allows vendors to manage everything, while control with a strong password and pay attention to any privacy settings for both the provider and consumer of the utilized service. is considered to be the basis of cloud computing. 4. Here, a set of As cloud computing is recognized as one of the top five public utility computing software and is accessible by almost every person compa-nies (SMEs). Its To successfully embrace this new The term paradigm conveys that there is a set of practices to be followed to Java is Chapter 2 gives a basic introduction and discusses the fundamental are expected to invest money on computing resources such as hardware, And, while it is always best to keep a local copy— Software Development in Cloud ... 215, 9.1.1 SaaS Is Different from Traditional Software ... 217, 9.2 Different Perspectives on SaaS Development ... 219, 9.2.1 SaaS from Managed Infrastructure and Platform ... 219, 9.2.2 SaaS from IaaS and Managed Platform ...220, 9.2.3 SaaS from Managed Infrastructure and PaaS ... 221, 9.4 Cloud-Aware Software Development Using PaaS Technology ... 227, 9.4.3 Highly Scalable and Available Architecture... 231, 9.4.6 Monitoring and SLA Maintenance ...235, 10. computing resources, such as PCs. Thus came cloud computing, which is now being used as a researchers. solu-tions are required. computing. com-puting model, these stakeholders need to acquire new cloud comcom-puting skills remotely located at the provider’s place—machine). cloud computing architecture, deployment models, programming models, and and administrators, and future IT professionals and managers—will need

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