mollies have babies 4 times after mating, and it takes around 50 days for them to have their babies. ), may remain fertile for about 3 months after getting pregnant and separating them from the males. After you introduce the fish to … Once she has the babies then you will have to separate the mother from them or else she will eat them unless you have a pretty big tank with a lot of plants and hiding places. Then, purchase male and female molly fish so you have no more than 2 fish per 10 gallons of tank space. I do not know if she had anymore though because I was gone at the time. Also, keep in mind that mollies, like some other livebearers (i.e. Balloon molly babies are tiny, they are about 3-4 mm in size, but are ready to swim and eat right after birth. This is the same position in which they matured in the female’s womb. To breed molly fish, start by setting up a 15-30 gallon tank for them that includes decorations, a substrate, and freshwater plants. however there are exceptions to every rule. We have 2 Mollies and now have 2 babies which are about 4 weeks old and this morning we discovered 2 smaller babies, we have had the fish since the 7 May is it possible we bought 2 females? One sure way to stop them is to remove the males or females and only keep one sex in your tank. From what I've read they can give birth monthly. I had no idea how quickly they would reproduce. If you want to save and rear them, you can get a breeder box and a new tank. June 17, 2016 at 11:24 pm. American reality TV celebrity, Jason Scott Mesnick is a proud father of his two children.Jason Mesnick had his two children from multiple baby mamas including his current wife Molly Mesnick, nee’ Malaney with whom he got married on February 27, 2010. It all depends on what you want to do with them. the Guppy, etc. While molly babies are so tiny, their parents can eat them. I have yet to have a molly eat any of her babies. My molly just had about 8 babies 3 days ago. Response: Assuming that you have pairs, they will give birth every 30 days if the tank conditions are right. They can have 1 or 25 It is impossiable for them to have 200 babies or they would be as large as your tank. I have 4 mollies (2 male and 2 female) in a 16 gal tank with 2 female betta. 25 is the max. The addition of salt isn't strictly necessary, but many people have found that it does help to keep mollies healthy and free of diseases like fungus and fin-rot; in this case, raising the specific gravity to around 1.002-1.005 will do the trick nicely and allow you to mix in a few brackish water fish as well. I have them in a salt water tank. Robert Brand says. Reply. The actor Jason’s two children include an elder son and a daughter. they give birth to live fry. Guppy fish are prolific livebearers and can usually give birth to five to thirty fry.Guppies have a gestation period of 21-30 days although the actual number can vary depending on several factors.. Baby guppies are born curled up like small balls (see video at end of the article). I have had a molly for about 4 months now... her husband unfortunately died after I did a water change and stirred up the nitrates... sad story.. anyway... i have never got the chance to watch her give birth or be there for the babies... but today, i saw a couple fry swimming around, so i quickly put them in my breeding tank... SHE HAD 36 FRY!!!! ! My molly had a total of 25 babies and she is still as large as a house! I have atleast one pregnant female.

how many babies do mollies have

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