I forgot to mention in the hub about all the sprouts that would have to be pulled if you don't collect all the seeds and nuts from these trees! One lovely old pecan tree that I know all too well once produced over 100 pounds of shelled pecans one season. I just tolerated his comments because I wasn't going to de-plant them, haha. Tree Droppings I spent an hour cleaning gutters and sweeping tree droppings off our roof this morning, scowling up at the offending tree. Had a wooden privacy screen put in at edge of patio. No. Where there are neighbors to clean up... you will find 20 - 50 bags of these balls out for waste pickup. Interesting information here! Fossilized remains of Magnolias have been found dating back 68 million years, And of course, don't forget those lightning-safe beeches (genus. I was amazed to hear that oaks are the most likely to be struck by lightning. Plus, the pollen in the center of the flower left the whole yard covered in what looked to be little matchsticks. They almost look too perfect, like drawings where each leaf is painstakingly reproduced. The seeds are a striking cherry-red color, and the bark pattern is uniquely textured. Golden Rain Trees - horrible mess all year long. I fell for the gumball trick once. No wonder they're the worst in the messy tree department. Older trees are sometimes smooth and middle-aged trees sometimes have dark blocky bark. This tree is insidious. Asked May 12, 2016, 4:32 PM EDT. I do know we never had to gather kindling wood for the winter because it was always available just outside the door. While all are deciduous, no where near as messy as a live oak. It is my wife’s term. Paid $350 but now there gone! This doesn't mean magnolias should be discounted. I see some comments about trees that I would say are normal for trees that lose their leaves in the fall. A single tree can be covered in thousands of these grotesque little creatures (which are actually caterpillars), earning the catalpa the nickname of "fish bait" tree. They said " only if you take them all." Give them plenty of space, plenty of sun, protection from winter winds, and you’ll have a magnificent specimen tree. When my husband and I lived in that home he did nothing but complain of the petals and leaves. Obviously they have never fallen on a pile of them! Thanks for sharing! It a 3ft diameter root ball 2 1/2 ft deep. Beautiful but messy Acacia dealbata. Very informative. Some oak trees are sturdier than others. If you'd rather cook than craft, you can also make your own acorn flour. If you want to keep any nice enough to eat, you will have to string bird-netting under and make a hobby of it, but who can eat hundreds of plums, anyway? The former lose all their leaves in fall and winter, while the latter keeps them pretty much year round, losing them very gradually. It will still create the same mess as its larger relative, but on a much smaller scale. I thought aspens were evil. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) (by Kai Hagen). Thank you Gloria for helping. How to use messy in a sentence. Really, I bought the property for the beautiful, gigantic, mature trees, which include 1 catalpa, 1 pecan, 1 mimosa, and 3 texas umbrellas. We do have an oak tree on the property, but it's very far from the house and garden areas, all by itself. Finally the last insult....pine cones all winter. . They also drop leaves just like every other deciduous tree. The ‘Hapdell’ variety, also known as Happidaze, maintains the pointed leaf tips. Fallen limbs from the oak tree. :). Then once the first frost hits....about a third of the needles turn yellow and drop everywhere, covering the ground. So as much as I love them, the mess is neverending. Sweetgum ranks quite high on the “trash” list, but it makes a beautiful addition to a larger landscape. The tree is weak and prone to damage. Then during another storm that dad gum Oak tree thanked us by getting hit by lightning. Don't forget to watch for the worms. They have a grand presence in every landscape I’ve seen them. The gum balls were the top reason folks didn’t want to buy a sweetgum. Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on October 13, 2012: @Billy--Thank you very much! The samaras drop in early summer and are a challenge to get unstuck from driveways, cars, and any other surface. Sweetgum typically maintains a pyramid shape when grown in the open with plenty of sun. The "plums of Damocles." They are great for certain sites, like this space in front of City Hall. What Kind of Trees Do Not Drop Messy Seeds?. It lasted 1 week and looked a lot like owl poop. Many factors naturally thin the crop on all types of fruit trees. We used to live in a house with a small front yard that had not one, but two sweet gum trees in front. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Girls Dropping Panties animated GIFs to your conversations. Others have the potential to create decades of trouble, dropping messy fruit or bothersome sticks.So take your time when selecting a tree to plant and choose one that offers the best combination of qualities you will enjoy. It is actually aphids that truly earn tulip poplar a spot in the top five. My mother loved magnolia trees and we had one in our front yard in Michigan, along with maples and fruit trees in the back yard. Crape myrtles drop flowers in the summer, leaves and seed pods in the fall, and the bark peels in the winter and spring. You forgot to mention Texas Umbrella (China Berry) trees. I guess they like the warmer climates. However the large oak across the street from our Paso Robles house is dropping acorns on the sidewalk like crazy. When it comes to trees, a decision made in haste can lead to years of regret. Its like walking on marbles. Remember, right tree, right place. I’ve found that it often does well in spots that can’t support other species. I imagine they would be a lot cleaner. Asked October 2, 2015, 11:45 AM EDT. The first one is a dark, armor-plated outer shell (may be green when it first falls) If you find the pecans still imprisoned thusly, you have to either wait for this husk to fall off, or you have to work a little harder for your snack. To her, it smacks of disorder and chaos and the loss of con-trol. What are these little flakes and what are their purpose? These leaves are small, and will easily clog gutters. In fall or after a drought, one or two trees can completely bury a yard in gigantic brown leaves. His favorite tree is the red maple planted up front and that of course drops all its leaves in the fall but for some reason he doesn't consider it messy. People just couldn’t get past the leaf, flower, and seed pod drop. Constant battle. Literlly tons of these balls are dropped every year from November to April where they clog up the drain sewers and clog up the waterways. First they drop their leaves, then the seed pods which are inside what appears to be a cross between a leaf and a flower petal. Liquidambers are awesome looking trees. They are a delicious nut! . Older trees, which produce more bountiful crops, are very brittle, especially in a dry season. The seeds and fruit from this tree are one and the same, commonly known as gum balls (and not the nice kind). I choose this purpose, to be steward of this tree. Magnolia leaves may be gorgeous, but they're a pain in the butt to clean up. Their real name is samaras. Take note: EVERY TREE DROPS SOMETHING. but you won't have much time to go fishing if you have one or two of these trees. Many people twist there ankles and the wind brings them everywhere. Beware the sweet gum! I've got 3 crape myrtles and they don't drop much and are gorgeous. At one time, ladies wanted to keep their skin as creamy and white as the flowers of this tree. heh, you didn't even mention walnut, that's another nasty one... my parents neighborhood is full of Catalpa, Mulberry, maples, walnut, etc.... they ALL make a mess.. what the mulberries lack in direct mess they make up for in bird droppings. Cost us $1,500. If you love pecans, then having your own tree is probably worth the work for you. Red Maple leaf on rotting stump (by Kai Hagen). Magnolias prefer southern or western exposures with plenty of sun. I live in Limousin, S W France now, and the whole area is covered in oak and sweet chestnut woodlands. I promise to do a Terrible Tree list, in which you all can argue with me about whether Norway maple or tree-of-heaven should be on that list, and why or why not they should be planted. Magnolias are my personal least favorite. Plums--squishy, rotting fruit through July and August, squashed all over your walkways and patio. EVER. This makes raking easier, but because they need to be raked, folks don’t like magnolias. My husband said Thanks, then cut it down himself. Ouch! I can testify to the oak shedding twigs and small branches. The branches also have corky wings sometimes, giving the twigs an interesting texture. or they can be a nightmare. Others are monsters. You get the idea. These little black seeds then start to grow their own crop of trees everywhere they come to rest soil or not. Then a fine rain of refuse through the summer. It's surface roots were everywhere and nearly breaking into my patio. Some trees are brittle by nature and very susceptible to wind damage or injury from heavy snow and ice. You could try a big tooth maple for a shade tree, but it will take many years to get big. Jenny is currently the Sustainability Manager for the City of Frederick. The oaks are a little un-nerving when you think how many are planted close to homes and businesses. I lived in Southern California with a pool in ground, and two 90 foot canary island pine trees. The honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), also known as the thorny locust or thorny honeylocust, is a deciduous tree in the family Fabaceae, native to central North America where it is mostly found in the moist soil of river valleys. It was a mess to clean up but the beauty outshone it all. . Some trees are nice. In someone else's yard. Take note: EVERY TREE DROPS SOMETHING. Beautiful tree (my shrubs are 20 feet tall or more) but they drop SOMETHING year round. Voted up for interesting! Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 16, 2012: Hi Sharkey, I just read your comment and have to reply to this. Now only 1 weed sapling (it’s life unsured ) First one Elm tree died, back with Dutch Elm disease, cost us to have removed from city street where it fell. Keep in mind that southern magnolias, any variety, are very slow growers. 76% of all mesquite trees in the U.S. grow in Texas though they are native to other Southwestern states also. Filthy black mold on leaves, too. . Here is the absolute worst tree I have had to put up with: Goldenball Lead tree. Watch out for them when you are digging for pecans; these shells can have sharp points that will puncture a tennis shoe sole. Southern magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora, in front of City Hall in Frederick, Md. But their beauty cannot be overstated. What a mistake. I saw a yard once that was bordered by 12 sweet gum trees. I am killing off about 1000 of those seedlings every year. When you buy that new home in April, you might not realize that those majestic trees that won your heart at the showing may eventually make you despise your yard. If you have one of the non-sterile varieties, it will shed not only its leaves, but also thousands of "gum balls". I had never seen the little ones before with the petite blossoms. Not only can they wound you if you slip and fall onto them, but they can also roll unexpectedly, causing sprained ankles . (by Jenny Willoughby). The petals were leathery, wet, and tough. Every morning, (and I do mean EVERY morning) of the year, they had shed enough small branches to create small brush piles. Unfortunately, I do not own any of these. Select the Right Tree … Drops leaves (neighbor says it is the last to lose its leaves) and has these hard "seeds/berries" that stain our driveway. So pick a tree that’s right for your space and will bring you joy. Not hooker trashy, but messy, meaning they drop a lot of crap that needs to be raked or cleaned from a gutter. Their prolific planting and subsequent mass demise taught arborists the value of diversity. I was glad to leave the magnolias behind, for sure. The only truly no-maintenance trees are the ones made of plastic (and even those require a little dusting from time to time!). I've never had the pleasure of being around walnuts, but I can definitely agree about the mulberries! The tree is messy. As a Southerner, it is very difficult to insult this beautiful and traditional tree. Tall old growth tulip trees in North Carolina (by Kai Hagen). But I have a small yard. They where removed and the maintenance on the pool became much easier. Learn on November 21 at Our Virtual Workshop, Best practices for ending exclusive single-family zoning, Climate Change Working Group releases position paper on energy and Frederick County, Coping with Covid: An online market opportunity to build local food resiliency, Envision Frederick County/Drawdown 2020 Workshop, Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority, Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community, Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County, RALE - Residents Against Landsdale Expansion. This evergreen Australian native can be grown as a tree or shrub and has creamy-yellow clusters of flowers that grow along its stems from late winter to summer, depending on where you live. The beetles are attracted to stressed trees, particularly drought-stressed trees. But, this tree made too much of a mess of my backyard. A heavy wind or ice storm will take out whole branches, some of which are the size of small trees themselves. One of reasons folks don’t plant certain trees is that they see them as “trashy.” Not hooker trashy, but messy, meaning they drop a lot of crap that needs to be raked or cleaned from a gutter. What a horrendous and almost impossible to clean up mess those trees made with their golf ball sized spikey balls that were as hard as rocks! If you have large, well-established trees, you may tolerate the cons because you are reticent to sacrifice the tree's shade for the time it takes a newer model to grow to adulthood. Maybe the developer thought this was a great idea. I moved into my Oakland, CA home 10 years ago, and the main trees in the yard were a lemon tree (no special cultivar), several plum trees, and several loquats, I advise, NEVER plant ANY of these trees anywhere you might want to go near. Evergreen Shade Tree With Noninvasive Roots & No Droppings. I've never seen a sugar maple doing well in Texas. We've had a linden tree for about 15 years, ... Then the berries and the seed pods. I'm ready to plant a three trees in my back yard (medium sized), but I have a daughter who is allergic to bees. The seeds aren’t easy to rake, they stick to grass and in bare spots of the lawn and on the driveway. If you want something fast for some shade Taxodium (bald cypress, pond cypress, montezuma cypress) are good for Texas. I never suspected. Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 15, 2012: Hi Sharkye11-I just added your hub to my Tree hub. Trees can be a gorgeous and worthwhile addition to your yard . As you can imagine, evergreen trees are far less messy! Read your answer and then read my comments below it.. ... "I have studied oak trees for many, many, many years, and every eight-and-three-quarter years, they produce immature acorns. Not everyone agrees, but most consider that if a tree is short lived, messy, insect- or disease-prone, and invasive, it definitely makes the list. (Or from your car!). For the comment and the link! Here are some suggestions for low-maintenance and least messy trees for your yard. This is no doubt why people thought it was handy to plant pecan trees close to their houses. The ones in NC are probably the same as the ones here in OK. Not a good idea to hit them with the riding mower either. The early American botanist William Bartram correctly pointed out that Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua, family Hamamelidacae) is a tree that you would not want to dance beneath barefoot!Sweetgum is well known as the source of spherical spiny clusters of capsules, one of which is shown below along with a lot more sweetgum bud scales that fell on a 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol in late … Like the Bradford pear tree, the Lombardy poplar tends to have a relatively short lifespan. Two huge garbage bags full! They poop out honeydew, which falls as tiny, sticky droplets, making a mess of any cars, buildings, or decks below. The Lombardy poplar is another messy tree that can cause you a host of problems. If you don't, you might walk in one day to find the nuts are speckled with holes, and your centerpiece crawling with little worms. In fact, I didn't even realize they were magnolias until spring when the blossoms came out. Hundreds of cones a week were collected and eventually piled on a back acre. If only I had enough disposable income to hire a full-time arborist /groundskeeper. . Grab your rake, install those gutter guards, and enjoy the trashiness of these trees. I am not sorry for having it chopped down - I am sure I am one of the few that don't like this classic Southern tree. Then all the leaves, dirt, and other outside debris sticks to the resin and tracks into your house. They are hard, brown, spiky balls that can create some serious hazards. So why did we bother to rake up all the leaves and petals when we lived "way out in the boonies"? This slideshow explains why you should avoid these trees in your yard. The surrounding buildings block the harshest northern winds. You didn't want to mow over too many of them, because they would congeal under the mower and create a mess. It was an absolute monster to remove compared to any normal tree I've removed. Keep scrolling to learn why these trees are such a pain. Like every pretty thing though, trees require maintenance. I can say from experience though, that they will not eat anything from a Magnolia tree! Everything this tree drops is oversized and that really makes this one top the list of awesomely trashy trees. They are short-lived and can leave a bit of a mess when they drop. They also produce fluffy white flowers and long, skinny seed pods. Relentlessly. @Peggy--Thanks for the comment and votes. Mesquite tree owners often mistake dormant trees as dead or dying, even though the trees are hard to kill. I love this hub. In the match against Bayern Munich last played Barcelona- Messi are watching helplessly as a collapse of living Jeremy Boateng. But I want to defend the messy tree. If the outer shells have already fallen off, then you will have a million of these too. The sweet gum tree is often planted as an ornamental tree. It will seem as though every leaf on the tree counted to three and then let go, all at once. Jacaranda, the perfect beautiful tree for someone else's yard! I have millions of little brown flakes that fall from my beech trees, they get everywhere, I spend lots of hours trying to sweep them up, once I've done it I turn around and they are back, they drive me mad. The catalpa tree, (also known as a catawba tree) is a fairly common tree, so much so, in fact, that it is often considered a "weed" in certain areas. Messy definition is - marked by confusion, disorder, or dirt : untidy. First, the tree is incredibly susceptible to pests and diseases. They offer us shade and sometimes fruit in the summer and windbreaks in the winter. Four years ago, I moved into a tiny home built in 1936. If they did then it would certainly take care of a lot of acorn and pecan problems. Not to mention the sticky pollen that coated the sap and created a pasty substance that will eventually eat the paint. We have an old 75 ft oak tree that in 32 years has never had droppings like these. So how could a pecan tree be bad? Not only do the leaves clog up gutters, but the seeds make quite a mess too. Sweet gum balls can be a major yard hazard, and they're not easy to clean up. As to the magnolia trees...I like looking at them but would not want the mess in my yard. Particularly when planting near roads, buildings or parked cars. They are enjoyable, ornamental trees. This tree has very large, heart-shaped leaves, which look incredibly lush and well-groomed during the spring and summer. Sometimes it’s smooth and gray (usually when young) and sometimes it gets blocky. and I hope you really like pecan pies. They can also work their way into crevices on your automobile where they cause some problems. If all blossoms on a fruiting plum tree set fruit and none of the plums dropped before ripening, most of the tree's branches would break under the load long before harvest. They need to be trimmed and pruned when their branches hang low, and someone has to clean up after they have shed their flowers, leaves, and other baubles. While they thrive in the warmer and more humid south, they also can thrive a bit farther north if given a bit of protection from the winter winds, which is the case with this magnolia. Sweetgum offers some of the most brilliant autumn colors. With enough space, these trees will grow large lateral branches and provide valuable energy savings. They will readily sprout in the bare patches of any lawn. This pollen/sap mixture can actually be sticky enough to rip apart a windshield wiper blade if you accidentally turn on the wipers before scraping the glass! Tulip poplars are not true poplars, but instead are in the magnolia family. In the spring, they might produce lovely flowers, and in the autumn, some brilliantly colored leaves. But there are a few varieties of DED-resistent varieties of American elm. Remember that all trees drop something! It has brilliantly colored autumn foliage, much like the maple tree, which makes it stand out when trees start putting on their fall fashion show. You have given the lazy and not so lazy gardeners something to consider when planting trees. Sweetgum, Liquidambar styraciflua, drops spiky balls in the fall that become projectiles when the lawnmower runs over them. Yes it has beautiful pink flowers in spring and red berries for winter interest but what a mess and a lot of work to remove seedlings and saplings that sprout up through out the spring and summer. Japanese loquats--filthy mess with something dying and dropping all year long--and I don't mean the leaves, which are voluminous, but at least not moldy, filthy, or squishy, like the fruit. And as a final gift, you may find your yard covered in tons of baby pecan trees. Is this a disease or what? Linden tree dropping stuff? Sharon from NW Arkansas on June 05, 2019: Wow so glad to find your hub, Thank you for posting. Up, useful and interesting votes. I love trees anyhow, and the video, the music, the humor and the info here is outstanding. You could also try planting a Little Gem Magnolia, also known as the dwarf Southern magnolia. tinction of dropping leaves like a legume and a pine, all irritatingly pre-packaged on one plant and seemingly always falling--like rain in Forks, Washington, or a chunk-legged toddler. The ones I see in NC are HUGE and have a waxier leaf. The one in our front lawn in Michigan was a very small tree that stayed small and the branches grew out. Many trees grow more beautiful generation after generation. . A 10-year-old sapling will stand about 4 m (13 ft) tall. I hope this list will help you find some merit in a few of the supposed trashiest trees. Ulmus americana ‘Valley Forge,’ ‘New Harmony,’ ‘Princeton,’ and ‘American Liberty’ varieties. THIS tree should top your and every chart for dirtiest tree! The droppings are called honeydew and that grows the black sooty mold, according to Mike DeGregorio, an arborist with Bartlett Tree Experts in Rockville. All have varying degrees of resistance, but all exhibit the most important characteristic of the American elm: its vase-like shape. And that fall I was impressed with the color. There is no mistaking the lemony spiced scent of the blossoms. If none of this bothers you, then you will gather your nuts with joy and think of pecan pies . We have a Silver Maple and a Catalpa in our yard, I would rather have the Catalpa any day. are nearly impossible to rake, meaning they almost always have to be picked up by hand. I had to remove it with equipment. They’re no fun on bare feet and can become projectiles in the lawn mower. Not only do they drop the flowers, they also drop fist-sized seed pods. I have seen some reasonably young, supposedly supple pecans drop branches in just a light thunderstorm. Given the tulip poplar’s fast growth rate and the amount of energy savings, this tree could be one of the biggest assets to a home with a larger yard. Sadly, I don't think many towns approve of keeping pigs in your yard. Be sure to toast nuts and seed pods in the oven before you decide to paint them or glue them to a wreath. Here are some recommended trees for us lazy landscapers, but keep in mind that while these trees don't shed as drastically as the five listed above, they do still drop leaves, fruit, flowers, etc. Our local park and city landscaping along some of our streets are full of sweet gum trees, and I was contemplating getting one because of their beautiful fall colors. She has worked in the natural resources field for more than 20 years. Make that worms. Honey locust is highly adaptable to different environments, has been introduced worldwide, and is an aggressive invasive species. Then it starts dropping the little branches that the seed pods and flowers were on. You can't rake it or blow it and it clogs the lawnmower when you try to mow the lawn. American elms are making a comeback thanks to the wonders of science. That’s mainly due to the problems with which it is associated.

messy tree droppings

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