There is a huge selling-point FOR selling on Poshmark that people aren’t considering here. Poshmark strives to have an open marketplace. This takes any of the annoying shipping questions out of the equation. Poshmark ranks 22nd among Consignment sites. Buyer beware, the site is rigged somewhat more than eBay. The fact that I cannot get in contact as a seller is RIDICULOUS. AFter that, if they don’t ship within the designated amount of time, you can have the money that is held in escrow returned to you. Amazon, same thing. Private messages do not impact your company rating. It is a unique online marketplace experience. My issue with Poshmark is being when being the seller, I am unable to comment or get in contact with the buyer. The buyer can retract their order after 3 days, which then I am told not to ship the item though it says on my end that the item is sold. There are many nice clothes that are not name brand, that I’d like to sell. For any luxury item over $500, they will inspect and authenticate the item for no charge. I also like the flat shipping fee, so I don’t feel that I’m spending an arm and a leg just to ship one thing. You will be automatically registered on our site. I have used Poshmark to buy but mostly sell and its a good platform. Though this charge is paid by the customer it is in the overall pricing and reduces the economic value of the transaction. On top of that, you get only one shipping charge for all three or more items. But when I learned that following, self-sharing and sharing back other closets help a lot in getting potential sales, I also started to love Poshmark as a selling platform which also builds community for sellers not like other platforms. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. Welcome back to Poshmark. Additional Information: BBB’s profile for Poshmark Inc. was created December 2012. While I believe the stuff I sell is unique and may sell themselves there is also a certain element where you need to be available to respond to questions on fit. You can just ignore these people. I used to sell more, but the fees are too high now. Overall, the feedback I see and experience is positive, and the experience for buyers and sellers seems to be fair and enjoyable. Since the back and forth is part of the platform, it is much easier than through text or email on Craigslist and better than the bidding with no interaction on Ebay. On the other side of the coin… I’ve had pretty good luck with Poshmark as a seller and buyer. Very easy to narrow down what you’re looking for using the filters. I like that these real people selling can answer specific questions! Poshmark is great for shoes. Most of the customer service complaints that I have seen come from a much early period, but there are some concerns about complaints not getting answered quickly. One of my favorite features and what set the Poshmark app as an innovative idea for me was interacting with the seller and haggling over prices directly through the platform. I only use posh to buy shoes or bundles items so the ship cost is worth it. That simple. Ebay has a huge following. I receive $12.80. Is Poshmark safe to use: all signs point to yes! Like the buyers, sellers have a window to cancel a transaction and have up to seven days to ship. Able to use USPS boxes free of charge and order online all different sizes. Its fast and easy to list and after listing a few items I had hundreds of followers. Happy Poshing! Because of our use and selling of gently used items. Comment the review as Poshmark verified representative. Poshmark is a TOTAL SCAM, TOTAL RIPOFF AND TOTAL BULLSH*T. The Poshmark selling platform is overrun by SCAMMERS and Poshmark does NOTHING about it. Second time I ordered from two different sellers and did NOT receive order! To take advantage of the policy, you have to inspect any item you receive immediately. I stick with certain brands that I know will fit as expected. It’s different from a site like eBay I have been a Poshmark seller and buyer I’m even a posh ambassador and a top rated seller . I am a part time clothes reseller on the side – I like to find deals at thrift stores and flip them. The other strategy I use is to make a low ball offer on listing that have not been updated recently. Buying gently-used has saved us tons of money on kids’ clothes and many other items that we use around our house. I signed up online (get $10 free when you sign up and use our link and the code SAVINGFREAK) and then downloaded the app to my phone. Think of being able to focus your entire searching around a type of designer handbag or Tory Burch designs. Required fields are marked *, has an advertising relationship with some of the offers included on this page. Poshmark lets you buy and sell trendy clothing & accessories. I plan to sell in about a month or so (I’ve got a 3 week vacay planned and don’t want to start selling & be absent). Left out of all of this is the shipping charge of $6.49. One seller referred to it as a trinkle of cash and I agree. My family is big into buying lightly used items from online and local sources. I like the ability to negotiate the price as a seller and buyer. I do agree that their customer service leaves something to be desired, however, overall it’s been a profitable place for me to sell my gently used clothing. Instead, I sought advice from some more stylish friends who get new clothing more frequently than some people change toothbrushes. The lack of a return policy doesn’t bother me-once again, I ask any questions I have before buying something, and haven’t needed to consider a return. What you get for these fees is a straightforward platform to sell your stuff and pre-negotiated shipping. This is mostly made up for by the shipping being added to the price, a relaxed selling environment, and ease of use through your Android or iPhone app. A Poshmark automated virtual assistant that helps you share items, get more followers, and growth your Poshmark sales. I have enjoyed purchasing on Poshmark for the most part but every once in a while there is a seller who just doesn’t hold up her end of the deal once a sale has been made. You save on the top price and the shipping, all for bundling a few items from the same sellers. It can clue the platform into your style choices, and you will get suggestions of other similar or complementary items when you check your feed. PissedConsumer922841. I want to reduce reuse recycle, not buy newly, poorly manufactured crap . I had to get a friend go over to my old address and get the packages. This is a great review, from a seller/ buyer perspective, this review is very fair. My latest deal was a long, white, Eddie Bauer goose down coat, regular price $300, my price $35! Reviewed on 9/6/18 9:41 PM. So far we have only gotten one article of clothing that didn’t detail a major problem. If you get nothing, make an offer (or simply make an offer from the get-go). 3. Someone needs to come up with a better platform and blow this company out of the water. In Internet years, this makes the company a well-established brand. Poshmark has not been worth my time and effort, as a seller. A party allows you to focus on a specific personal style, brand, or type of clothing. Still it beats ebay! As with any site where you have individuals buying and selling, there are complaints listed online from people who feel they were not treated well. Example, If I list an item for sale at $20.00 it is likely that the customer and I will settle on a price less than that. Poshmark ranks 20th among Consignment sites. Your article is very comprehensive and informative! With most other platforms, your best experience will be through your desktop or laptop computer. If it does not meet the description, you can reject that item, get a shipping label at no cost, and ship it back to the seller. Reason of review: Hi, But I’ve been very happy with the items I have received-I ask questions BEFORE I buy, so maybe that’s one reason?-and I have found the prices to be better than Ebay, in some cases.

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