Some websites are providing Windows 10 Gamer Edition and claim the OS to be powerful and efficient for gaming. share. As the titles says: what is the best build for gaming? Modern Computers / laptops are evolved enough that any windows 7 operating system would be the same. save. If you’re wanting to play some of the more graphically demanding games on the market, you’ll need to be willing to pay for that super-charged graphics card and lightspeed RAM and processor. I dont have the best pc so i would love to know which build is the best for the least frame drops and best fps? The versions are just internal minor updates and these do not affect your games. I have made a research a long time for this. This thread is archived. Users who are not super concerned about the … report . Windows gaming laptops range in price from $500 to well over $2000 so there should be one in there to fit your budget and gaming style. The latest and greatest: Some gamers maintain that the latest version of Windows is always the best choice for a gaming PC because Microsoft typically adds support for the latest graphics cards, game controllers, and the like, as well as the latest version of DirectX.In the case of Windows 8, the operating system also boots and shuts down significantly faster. Thanks, 8 comments. Java Edition costs a set price of £17.95 in the UK, while Windows 10 Edition sets you back £22.49 on the Windows Store if you’re not familiar with how Google works (both cost about $27 in the US). Windows 10 is an operating system for personal computers developed by Microsoft, released on July 29, 2015, windows 10 gaming version 2019, windows 10 gaming os, windows 10 gamer elegant, windows 10 elegant edition, windows 10 gamer edition theme, windows 10 evolution gamer edition x64 2018, window 10 gamer edition, windows 10 gaming edition 2019, gameztec, … Is that edition sponsored by Microsoft and legal? I updated my windows a few days ago and i notice alot more frame drops and low fps. There is no such thing. The games are developed to run on Windows 10 as an Operating System. 100% Upvoted. hide. Windows 10 Gamer Edition. Windows 10 Home edition is perfect for anyone who wants that familiar, streamlined Windows experience everyone loves.

which windows 10 edition is best for gaming

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