What makes ICC different?

There are many things that make us different but here are a few:

  1. We negotiate directly with the developer not the sales company managing sales for the project.
  2. We provide you with an exclusive and professionally prepared marketing platform that will allow you to provide your clients with the best marketing material for a specific project from the developers own Ad Agency along with professional looking market reports. No more embarrassing fuzzy renderings and images, incorrect information, spelling errors and other negatives that will make your clients rethink working with you. ICC’s marketing platform will get your clients educated and prepared to attend and purchase at our events. Our industry leading Ad Agencies will design, prepare and program these marketing materials to the same level as developer brochures. ICC invests heavily by using the same firms that work for multi-national firms such as APPLE, TELUS and SHOPPERS DRUG MART. As ICC members, you get to use the expertise and talents of these Ad Agencies at “no cost” to increase your personal name to the world.
  3. We help you educate your clients by utilizing the most advanced and industry approved market research and analysis reports that are not available to the public and/or Realtors. These reports are prepared by the leading research and development firms that developers retain for their own due diligence and market analysis.
Do I need to change Brokerages to be an ICC Member?

NO. Insider Condo Club is not a Brokerage and while we have affiliations with The Condo Store Realty Inc., we want you to stay where you are as hiring you is NOT in our agenda.

Do I have to market every project?

Again, the answer is NO.

You are a smart and savvy Realtor. It’s your database so you have complete control of it and in no way should you ever feel obligated to promote a project to your clients unless you are 100% satisfied with its value. We use our expertise in industry related research, on-line marketing and long established industry connections to negotiate impressive deals that your clients will most likely want. Ultimately, you decide to whom you send your professionally and custom branded marketing materials.

How does ICC work?

There are 5 main components to ICC Model:

  1. THE DEAL – We conduct our own in-depth research many months before a project is even on the radar of the Realtor community. With our network of developer relationships, we locate the best projects and then move to negotiate the lowest possible pricing based on ICC committing to sell 20-40% of the entire inventory of a development. Unlike conventional Realtors, we guarantee the deal for the developer ensuring that once ICC has been engaged the units are effectively sold.
  2. THE INCENTIVES – Rest assured, we don’t just work on price. Our incentives cover every aspect of the purchase and can range project-to-project from lower deposit structures, free maintenance, rental guarantees, exceptional caps on closing costs and ALWAYS, the option to assign/flip your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. We make sure your clients get a great deal and allow you the opportunity to sell more units. With lower deposit structures, many of your clients will have the opportunity to buy MULTIPLE units with the same deposit as they would need to buy ONE single unit through the typical VIP sales center events.
  3. THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN – We work with innovative marketing agencies that also work for APPLE, TELUS, FOUR SEASONS HOTELS and BROOKFIELD to create a fully integrated marketing campaign with your PERSONALIZED branding making you look like an expert. We send you a personalized e-flyer inviting your clients to an elegant pre-launch event which you simply forward to your private and confidential database directing them to your custom landing page that is in effect, advertising YOUR event. Once they register with you through your custom landing page, our proprietary marketing platform will follow-up for you from your email address with the following never seen before:
    • Project Specific Investment Reports
    • Financials for Featured Floor Plans
    • General Economic and Area Research
    • Event Reminders
  4. THE EVENT – Our campaigns are instrumental to providing your clients with a complete understanding of the project so by the time they walk-in to our first class pre-launch events, they are primed and ready to purchase.

FOLLOW-UP – We’ll help make your deals stick with a full follow-up campaign during the cooling off period to ensure your clients feel comfortable with the process. Realtors in the pre-construction arena lose over 46% of their sales within the 10-day cooling off period due to lack of FOLLOW-UP. No sale is a real commission earning sale until the 10-day cooling period has expired. ICC founders have maintained a 95% closing ratio for over 15+ years. That’s a testament to their proven and well-tested techniques.

How much does it cost?

Currently there is no charge for becoming a member of ICC. At this time, any licensed Realtor can apply and upon review by our membership committee may be granted access. Members in good standing will be able to renew their membership on an annual basis with no fee/charge. Upon reaching 1,000 members, there will be an annual membership fee.

Can clients buy directly through ICC?

NO. Only Realtors in good standing with RECO will be considered for membership privileges.

Do I have to give you my client list?

We wouldn’t give you our valuable list of clients and as such, we don’t want yours!

We will NEVER ask for your client list…EVER. We will provide you with an email with your customised tracking diagnostics and links to your personal registration page and then, you simply email it to your clients. Your clients stay yours at all times and the ICC proprietary software platform system will notify you directly when one of your clients expresses interest.